Rouge Double Ring Sperm Stopper

Sale price$21.00
The Rouge Double Ring Sperm Stopper is a unique and innovative male chastity device designed to add excitement and pleasure to your intimate experiences. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this double ring sperm stopper features a sleek and stylish design that complements the natural curves of your body.

This sperm stopper is specifically designed to enhance your sexual pleasure by providing a gentle yet effective way to control ejaculation. The two rings of different sizes provide a snug and secure fit, ensuring maximum comfort and security during use. The tapered tip creates pressure on the urethra, helping to delay ejaculation and intensify orgasms.

Whether you are looking to experiment with male chastity, enhance your sexual performance, or simply add a new element of excitement to your intimate encounters, the Rouge Double Ring Sperm Stopper is the perfect accessory for you. Explore new levels of pleasure and discover the thrill of controlled release with this stylish and durable sperm stopper. Elevate your bedroom play with this premium male chastity device.

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