Oxballs LIQUISLIK Waterbase OXLube

Size: 4.4 oz
Sale price$21.85
Are you in search of the perfect lubricant to enhance your intimate moments? Look no further than Oxballs LIQUISLIK Waterbase OXLube. Created by the trusted name in adult pleasure products, this premium water-based lubricant is designed to provide long-lasting, silky-smooth lubrication for a variety of sexual activities.

Whether you're playing solo or with a partner, this versatile lube is the ultimate solution for all your needs. Use it with toys, condoms, or during intercourse for some extra slipperiness – this lube has got you covered. The non-sticky, non-staining formula ensures easy cleanup and leaves no residue behind, making it perfect for all your intimate encounters.

Compatible with all types of sex toys and condoms, this high-quality lubricant is a valuable addition to your bedroom essentials. Trust the experts at Oxballs to provide you with a lubricant that will enhance your intimate moments and bring you closer to your partner.

For a pleasurable and satisfying experience every time, choose Oxballs LIQUISLIK Waterbase OXLube. Crafted with your comfort and pleasure in mind, this lubricant is sure to take your intimate moments to the next level. Experience the benefits of a premium lube that will leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled.

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