OxBalls 360 Cockring & Ballsling

Color: Black
Sale price$26.00

Discover the ultimate pleasure accessory with the Oxballs 360 Cockring & Ballsling. This revolutionary sex toy combines the benefits of a cock ring and ballsling in one versatile product, designed to enhance your sexual experience like never before. Made from premium silicone and high-quality, body-safe materials, this dual-function toy provides a snug and secure fit around your cock and balls, enhancing erections and increasing sensation during sex.

The ergonomic design of the Oxballs 360 Cockring & Ballsling ensures maximum comfort and pleasure, allowing you to enjoy longer-lasting and more intense orgasms. The unique design allows you to comfortably wear it in multiple ways, making it perfect for experimentation and exploration. Whether you want to enhance your erections, delay ejaculation, or simply add a new dimension to your playtime, this versatile toy has you covered.

Not only does the Oxballs 360 provide intense pleasure for the wearer, but it also offers added sensation for your partner. The firm grip of the cockring ensures longer-lasting erections, while the ballsling provides a gentle tug on the testicles, intensifying your orgasms and heightening your pleasure. The 360-degree rotation feature allows for customizable positioning, so you can find the perfect angle for your individual needs.

Easy to clean and maintain, the Oxballs 360 Cockring & Ballsling is a must-have addition to your toy collection. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this innovative cockring and ballsling combo is sure to take your sexual experiences to the next level. Indulge in luxury and pleasure with this premium accessory for men. Upgrade your pleasure game and discover a whole new world of sexual satisfaction with this incredible sex toy.

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