Kinklab The Electro Whip

Sale price$50.00
Experience a whole new level of electrifying pleasure with the Kinklab Electro Whip. This unique bondage tool combines the thrilling sensation of a classic whip with the added intensity of electrostimulation. Perfect for BDSM enthusiasts looking to take their play to the next level, the Electro Whip delivers a powerful shock with every strike.

Featuring a sleek, black design with a comfortable rubber handle, this electrified whip is not only stylish but also easy to use. Simply plug the 2.5mm lead into your power unit and start exploring the endless possibilities of electroplay. With customizable intensity levels, you can tailor the sensations to suit your personal preferences and desires.

Whether you're a seasoned electroplay enthusiast or a curious beginner, the Kinklab Electro Whip is sure to electrify your senses and take your BDSM experience to electrifying new heights. Add this innovative tool to your collection and prepare to unleash a whole new world of pleasure and excitement.

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