Fist It - Extra Thick

Size: 16.9 oz
Sale price$37.00

Experience unparalleled pleasure with our Extra Thick Personal Lubricant, designed to elevate your most intimate moments. This premium water-based formula boasts an ultra-thick consistency, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience every time. Perfect for fisting and other intense sexual activities, this lubricant provides long-lasting slipperiness and reduces friction, making it an essential addition to your bedroom play.

Our versatile lubricant is safe for use with all sex toys, condoms, and skin types, allowing you to explore new boundaries with confidence. Whether you’re indulging in solo play or sharing intimate sessions with a partner, this extra thick lube ensures uninterrupted pleasure without the need for constant reapplication.

Packaged for convenience, our lubricant is available in various sizes to suit your needs, from travel-friendly tubes to larger bottles for extended use. The vibrant formula not only offers a super slick glide but also adds a fun and playful twist to your intimate moments.

Enhance your sensory experience and take your playtime to new heights with our Extra Thick Personal Lubricant. Made from high-quality ingredients, this water-based lube is your go-to for a truly satisfying and adventurous experience. Don't settle for mediocre lubricants when you can enjoy superior performance and maximum comfort.

Unleash your wild side and discover a whole new level of intimacy and satisfaction with our Extra Thick Personal Lubricant - the ultimate choice for those who crave intensity and excitement.

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