Rouge Hegar Dilator Set

Sale price$74.00
Introducing the Rouge Hegar Dilator Set, a premium collection of dilators designed for safe and effective dilation therapy. Made from high-quality stainless steel, these dilators are smooth, seamless, and easy to clean, ensuring maximum comfort and hygiene during use.

This set includes eight dilators in varying sizes, ranging from 3mm to 18mm in diameter, allowing for gradual and controlled dilation. Each dilator features a tapered tip for easy insertion and a rounded base for easy handling.

Whether you are seeking relief from pelvic pain, undergoing gender-affirming surgery, or simply looking to improve pelvic muscle tone, the Rouge Hegar Dilator Set is the perfect solution. With regular use, these dilators can help improve flexibility, reduce discomfort, and enhance overall vaginal health.

Experience the benefits of dilation therapy with the Rouge Hegar Dilator Set – a trusted and effective solution for all your dilation needs.

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