Fist It - Numbing

Size: 10 oz
Sale price$27.50

Experience intense pleasure and thrilling sensations with this innovative numbing lubricant, specially designed for those who enjoy fist play or other extreme forms of pleasure. This premium water-based formula provides a numbing effect, allowing for deeper penetration and enhanced enjoyment without discomfort. Perfect for both seasoned enthusiasts and beginners, this lubricant ensures you can explore your desires with confidence and ease.

Safe to use with all types of sex toys and condoms, this versatile lube is ideal for solo play or with a partner. Its smooth and slippery texture guarantees easy insertion and maximum pleasure during your most adventurous sessions. The long-lasting formula means you can indulge in uninterrupted pleasure for as long as you desire.

Simply apply a generous amount to any area you wish to explore and experience a whole new world of sensation. The convenient packaging makes it easy to take your pleasure to the next level, whether at home or on the go. Enhance your experience and achieve new heights of pleasure with this exciting numbing lubricant.

Discover the ultimate pleasure experience with this water-based lubricant. Whether you're an experienced fister or just starting out, this premium lube will help you relax and enjoy every moment of your intimate adventures.

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