OxBalls Heavy Squeeze Weighted Squeeze Ballstretcher With 3 Stainless Steel Weights Hot Pink

Sale price$72.00
The OxBalls Heavy Squeeze Weighted Ballstretcher is specifically designed to provide an intense and pleasurable stretching experience for those looking to enhance their sexual pleasure.

Made from high-quality silicone material, this ballstretcher is durable, comfortable, and body-safe. The heavy squeeze design allows for a tight fit around the scrotum, providing a gentle yet firm pressure that can increase sensitivity and intensify orgasms.

This unique ballstretcher also comes with three stainless steel weights that can be added or removed to customize the level of stretching intensity. The weights add an extra element of sensation and can help users achieve the perfect amount of stretch for their individual preferences.

The vibrant hot pink color adds a fun and playful twist to your BDSM play or solo exploration. Whether you're a beginner or experienced user, the OxBalls Heavy Squeeze Weighted Ballstretcher is sure to take your pleasure to new heights. So why wait? Add this innovative and versatile toy to your collection today and experience the ultimate in ball stretching satisfaction.

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