Kinklab Steel O Rings - 3 Pack

Prix réduit$13.00
Perfect for those who love bondage and kink play, the Kinklab Steel O Rings 3 pack is a versatile and high-quality addition to your collection. These durable O rings are made from stainless steel, ensuring they are strong and reliable for all your bondage needs.

The O rings have a sleek and polished finish, giving them a stylish and BDSM aesthetic. Measuring 1.5 inches in diameter, these rings are perfect for attaching cuffs, leashes, and other restraints, allowing you to customize your play experience.

Whether you are a beginner exploring bondage for the first time or an experienced player looking to add to your collection, the Kinklab Steel O Rings 3 pack is a must-have accessory. Add these O rings to your toy box and unlock a world of kinky possibilities.

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