Oxballs Oxshot Butt Nozzle Shower Hose with Cockring

Size: 6 inch
Precio de venta$36.00
Introducing the Oxballs Oxshot Butt Nozzle Shower Hose with Cockring, the ultimate tool for all your cleaning needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of hosing out with this innovative and convenient product.

The Oxballs Oxshot-6 butt nozzle is designed to make the task of cleaning faster, easier, and more comfortable. Made from platinum silicone, the flexible hose provides a smoother and slicker entry compared to traditional hard plastic or metal hose nozzles. With a tapered tip and flared water hole, you can enjoy better flow that can be easily maneuvered and directed to where you need it most.

Adjusting the flow of the hose is a breeze, allowing you to choose between softer flooding and filling or a more powerful power-wash stream. No more struggling with hoses that sprinkle water everywhere - the Oxballs Oxshot-6 nozzle ensures a precise and efficient clean every time. The nylon-threaded fitting fits all brand shower hoses securely and without any leaks.

The Oxballs Oxshot-6 is the perfect size for most cleaning jobs, providing just the right amount of reach. For deeper cleanouts, the Oxballs Oxshot-12 offers extended reach for those hard-to-reach spots. Both versions are firm enough to direct water flow effectively, yet soft enough for comfortable and easy use.

And let's not forget about the Atomic Jock cockring included with the Oxballs Oxshot. Why not enhance your experience by adding a little extra fun? This cockring is specially designed to stay in place, even in wet situations, thanks to its inner flattening no-roll design. So go ahead and boner up while you clean - you deserve it!

Experience a whole new level of cleanliness with the Oxballs Oxshot Butt Nozzle Shower Hose with Cockring. Trust Oxballs to get you clean, this time and every time.

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