JO Premium Original Silicone Lubricant

Size: 2 oz
Precio de venta$27.07
Experience the ultimate in luxurious intimacy with JO Premium Original Silicone Lubricant. This top-of-the-line silicone-based lubricant offers a buttery smooth texture that will elevate your intimate moments to new heights. Perfect for those extended sessions where you want to savor every sensation, JO Premium provides a long-lasting glide that ensures maximum pleasure.

Formulated with only the highest quality silicones, JO Premium is free of glycerin, parabens, and glycol, making it gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Its water-resistant formula means you can enjoy uninterrupted pleasure without constantly reapplying. And when you're done, JO Premium dries to a sumptuous soft-touch finish that will leave your skin feeling moisturized and smooth.

Not only does JO Premium enhance pleasure, but it's also compatible with most non-silicone toys and condoms, giving you the freedom to explore without worry. Made in the USA in an FDA licensed and ISO certified facility, you can trust that you're getting a high-quality product that will take your intimate experiences to the next level.

Indulge yourself in the ultimate luxury with JO Premium Original Silicone Lubricant. Try it today and experience a whole new level of intimacy. Ingredients: Dimethicone, Dimethiconol.

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