Kinklab The Flex Capacitor

Sale price$42.00
The Flex Capacitor by Kinklab is a versatile and reliable electrical play accessory designed for those who enjoy exploring the thrilling sensations of electricity. This unique device features a flexible silicone design that allows for a custom fit to enhance comfort during use.

With its adjustable stainless steel electrodes, The Flex Capacitor offers a range of stimulating options for both beginners and experienced users. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to use for precise electrical stimulation on various areas of the body.

Whether you prefer a gentle tingle or a more intense shock, The Flex Capacitor provides a safe and controlled experience. It is compatible with most power boxes and can be easily integrated into your existing electrical play collection.

Indulge in the electrifying world of sensation play with The Flex Capacitor by Kinklab and take your BDSM experience to the next level. Explore the boundaries of pleasure and pain with this high-quality, innovative electrical stimulation device.

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