Kinklab Panamorphic 3-in-1 Paddle

Sale price$68.00
Introducing the Kinklab Panamorphic 3-in-1 Paddle, a versatile and innovative addition to your BDSM collection. This unique paddle features three distinct surfaces designed to deliver a range of sensations during play.

On one side, you'll find a smooth leather surface that delivers a satisfying thud upon impact. This side is perfect for those who enjoy a more traditional paddle experience.

On the reverse side, there is a studded leather surface that adds an extra sting to your impact play. The metal studs create a different sensation upon contact, allowing you to experiment with varying levels of intensity.

But the standout feature of the Panamorphic Paddle is its third surface – a flexible rubber spanker that delivers a satisfying snap upon impact. This side adds an entirely new dynamic to your play sessions, allowing you to explore different textures and sensations with ease.

Crafted with high-quality materials and attention to detail, the Kinklab Panamorphic 3-in-1 Paddle is a must-have for BDSM enthusiasts looking to add a versatile and exciting tool to their toy box. Whether you prefer a thud, a sting, or a snap, this paddle has you covered. Experience the thrill of diverse sensations with the Panamorphic Paddle today.

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